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Guide for Choosing Shapewear That Does Not Rolling Down

It is not rocket science to choose the right shapewear for yourself. However, most of us end up making the wrong choices because we are unaware of many facts related to shapewear. We listen to myths and assume the worst while making decisions. We often hear people say that shapewear will compress your body so much that the organs inside will be damaged. the circulation stops and your body falls numb. This is a huge misunderstanding. Yes, this can happen but only when you choose the wrong size

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As a result, listening to all that will make you opt for the loose shapewear. This is a huge blunder because loose shapewear will roll down and give no benefits. You might as well not wear anything at all. But if you buy something very tight, of course, there is oxygen cut off and also unwanted bulges form on your body/ Thus, it becomes that you measure yourself before getting your shapewear necessities.

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Best shapewear not rolling-down – this is what you need and it is easy to find. Measuring yourself for your shapewear is similar to what you do to buy your lingerie. Firstly, measure your torso or the place right below your bust. When you are measuring it, make sure that the tape is tightly bound around your torso but not too tight that it will measure two sizes small.


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Then you can go ahead and measure your bust size. This is very useful when you are planning to buy full-body suits, seeing how they also cover your bust. This step should not be skipped because it can lead to unnecessary compression of your bust and cause physical problems later. Once you know your bust size, make sure that you’ve taken accurate measures and not something loose or tight.

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Shapewear mostly concentrates on your hips and waistline. Isn’t that why most of us buy those shaper shorts? So, that we can hide the extra flab around the stomach and love handles near the hips? So, you can go on to measure your waistline and again you should not take measurements way less or more than the accurate one. Now, you have to repeat the same for your hip region.

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Then comes the time to compare your measurement with the pointers that are available over the site. Most of the shapewear is branded and the physical measurements and designs might differ from brand to brand. Just open their size guide and compare your size shapes with them. When you find the most appropriate size, buy it and use it consistently to see the results.


If you are looking for the right site that provides you with high-quality shapewear without compromising on quality, Cosmolle shapewear is the right place for you. Even the size charts are neatly explained so that the females can understand and follow it easily. The shapewear delivered also happens to be of the same size. Seeing their customer-friendly nature, you will feel like coming back for more and buying a whole load of shapewear that does not roll down.



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