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How to Pair Wide Leg Pants with Polo Shirt

It is no longer a secret, wide-leg pants, also known as palazzo pants, are back in fashion. They have been updated in new styles for the modern woman. The benefit of these pants is that they make you look taller and accentuate your curvier aspects. The pant goes well with a fitting top. Hence, a combination of palazzo pants with a polo shirt pulls out a fresh look.

When wearing wide-leg pants, it is best to keep the top simple to emphasize your shape’s fullness. In this article, we will look at how to pair the palazzo pants with various polo shirts.

Pair Your Palazzo Pants with Petite Short Sleeved Shirt

Every great wardrobe deserves a stylish selection of petite tops. One can never go wrong with a petite short-sleeved polo shirt. It is proper coordination with wide-leg pants. 

A Long Sleeve Crop Polo Shirt with Wide-Leg Pants

If you prefer to have your arms covered, get yourself a long-sleeved polo shirt to keep you comfortable. Ideal outfit paired with wide-leg pants in cooler weather.

Yellow Polo Shirt with Floral Palazzo Pants

A yellow polo shirt goes well with floral wide-leg pants layered with a black long sleeves tee for a striking contrast. The fun pattern adds vibrancy to your closet as you slide on a pair of heels for a sleek and beautiful look.

Short-Sleeve Polo Shirt with Wide-leg Pants

A short-sleeve polo shirt is a must-have garment. It pairs well with almost every bottom from jeans to midi skirts. So, you will always have a timeless shirt. Pair your polo shirt with palazzo pants and be ready to tour a new area or on the way to the airport.

Striped Polo Shirt with Palazzo Pants

With a striped polo shirt, you can stay both casual and stylish. For those ladies who love patterns, the stripe polo is enough to wear with wide-leg pants to team building.

Feel fresh and modern with wide-leg pants and polo shirt combination. At the same time, colorful designs bring a timeless touch, mix, and match your favorite colors for a fashionable look. Try out the striped palazzo pants, and you will fall in love with the different directions to the stripes.

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