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How To Wear A Long Skirt Stylishly

Don’t you just love the way a long skirt looks? From savvy casual modish to don’t-mess-with-me formal, summer-under-the-sun to autumn-snug-yet-sleek, a long skirt is definitely a trendy piece any time, any weather. Confused about how to be Fashion Week chic with it? Here’s how you can wear a long skirt stylishly.

Under Your Skirt, But Not What You Thinkwholesale maxi dresses

There’s always a basic rule for fashion pieces, and for long skirts, it’s that you should always tuck your top in. Alas, the taller-than-tall can get away with the untucking. But if you want to look towering a la Empire State Building, go for the top tuck.

Likewise, this easy step will draw attention towards your midsection for that yummy curve around your waistline.

Heels Are Made For Struttin’ (In A Long Skirt)

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Again, the mega tall can put on a skirt with matching flats. It’s a gift they’ve been bestowed upon thanks to their jeans. However, for that elongated figure, get to strapping and snapping with heels. Wedges, pumps, platforms, heeled boots, you name it.

Jacket, We Love It wholesale womens jumpsuits

For a complete, put-together outfit, fling a jacket over your top and use the best body shaper underneath (if you want to). And just like our tip about blazers and any other fashion trend, the first piece will bring a businessy vibe while a skirt, sass, and chicness.

 A Shirt Or A T-Shirt wholesale mini dresses

Whether a collared button-down or a tee, both will work great with a long skirt. For the first, button it all the way up, along with its cuffs, for a dainty ensemble. In contrast, fold those cuffs up and button up the shirt until you chest for a laid back garb.

Divine Intervention With A Divine Blouse

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For dinner with your boo, a special night with your girlfriends, or any formal event, look for an elegant blouse to match with your long skirt. Something off-shoulder, asymmetrical, sleeveless, or maybe a tube top. Accessorize with the right bling and you’ll be the star of the night.

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