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Nicki Minaj shows off the main cleavage and legs of sexy bodice for the new ‘Goodbye’ video

Nicki Minaj caught fire in the new ‘Goodbye’ music video foot. Jason Derulo. Watch a series of super sexy costumes from her work here!
Nicki Minaj, 35, and Jason Derulo, 29, released their collaboration “Goodbye” in August. Now, optimistic music has received video processing. The video mainly revolves around Jason’s love story and fans, but David Guetta and Willy William are also appearing in the clip. Although Nicki Minaj really stopped the show, she spent a lot of time on her tough verse, wearing a series of close-fitting clothes to show her flawless figure.

In one of the scenes, Nicki Rock and Crazy Low-cut Dress showcase some of the main cleavage! The rapper added a pink wig to her head and a striking shoe on her foot, and Nicki caught a lot of attention. In another scene, she wore a strapless bodice with a high opening on the front. The rapper got a good performance from the rapper! Nicki also added a pair of sexy strappy heels to her ensemble that stretched to her knees. She looks very hot!

Jason certainly deserves some attention – although Nikki may have stolen this show, Jason is the one who started the party. In his perhaps the wildest fashion look, the R&B singer wore a light blue embellished suit and sparkled in front of a drop of balloons. “Goodbye” is the last summer jewel, and the video will definitely resonate well!
We like these shapes from Nicki. Watch the new vision above! Between all these four musicians, this affirmative hit has become a favorite music video for fans.

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