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Or inspirational Rita Ora reveals a bodice dress at the premiere in London

The star guided her inner gothic fashion with a unique design, but she still managed to show off her cleavage
RITA Ora’s wearing a transparent bodice at the Two For Joy premiere in London looks sensational.

She wore a long-sleeved printed gown and paired with a pair of knee-high boots at Kings Cross’s Everyman Cinema.
She finished the look with a striking top structure and dramatic eye makeup.

Rita seems to be very happy to accept these gimmicks – a storm on the stairs of the venue.

Later she was seen hugging the actress Jaime Winstone.

Just before her dinner at the Casa Cruz restaurant in Notting Hill.
This is entirely a musical event.

Celebs flocked to the luxury venue for the Women’s Harmony Dinner co-hosted by Rita and her daughter co-singer Bebe Rexha.

Girls Aloud’s star Nicole Roberts joined them.

Rita shook a very beautiful dress for this occasion.
Rather than the usual style, Rita chose a sleek, long-sleeved white silk dress.

She added a pair of leather boots to make her look more subtle to show her natural beauty.

The star did not show signs of slowing her busy schedule – she just returned from her fascinating appearance at Milan Fashion Week.

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