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Hanging rock is not a picnic! Natalie Dormer played her role in the creepy TV series – except wearing a corset in the hot weather

The mystery of the rock in Victoria, southeastern Australia, has plagued Australians and the world – since the 1967 Lindsay novels bookstore.

This story is a pure novel, but for many years, many people think it is true, encouraged by its authors, she spread her novels with pseudo-historical references, and suggested in a tempting preface that readers must ” I decide for myself whether the event she described actually happened.

This mystery began in 1975 with the adaptation of Peter Weil’s cult film. “What’s amazing is that the public relations gimmicks of the 1960s, strengthened by Weir, still exist,” Natalie said.

The 36-year-old actress admitted that she was not fully familiar with the picnic before shooting. ‘Will’s film has a place in history.

“But this is only part of the novel. Our picnic is a re-imagining of this book. This is really a love letter to the novel.

It is clear that Natalie – in the game of power in the sky Atlantic gained the avid follower of master manipulator Margaery Tyrell – likes to play a dark secret role behind her icy appearance.

She said, “Hester is very physically and mentally nervous. She is one of the most unconscious people I have ever played.”

She is escaping the past. She shaped herself into something, and like the tragedy of the disappearance of girls, you see how fragile it is. It is fun to play a person who is irrational. That is Hamlet, Blanche Dubois.

As a middle-class girl from Reading, Dommer accidentally found himself wearing a dress box. “Until seven years old, I am still an only child. She recalls that I have a dressing box, and my family often throws old clothes in, so I dress up as a character and talk to myself.

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