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Rachel Brosnahan channel Beyoncé stands for the wonderful lady Maisel

From the time Rachel Brosnahan first appeared on our screen as Midge, the 50-year-old housewife became a standing comedian in the Amazon series “Mavelous Mrs. Maisel” when she relied on her in January. When the groundbreaking performance won the Golden Globe Award, the actress seemed to be natural for the quick single line of creator Amy Sherman-Palladinho. That’s why I was scared to hear Brosnahan appear in a comedy like a serious drama like House of Cards. Here, catch up with the Emmy nominee because she explained why she had to do some Sasha Fierce courage on the stage of Mrs. Maisel, and the second season is still in production.
Do you remember when you didn’t want to be an actor?

No, I never wanted to be an actor once, I don’t think so. Maybe when I was a baby, it might still be.

Are you a drama child?

In fact, I am a shy child. I have read a lot. I have always seen my face in the book, but I have a big imagination.

What was your first job of auditioning?

My first audition was to dub a rehabilitation facility in central Illinois. I did [booking].

Is there a wonderful audition for Mrs. Maisel?

There are definitely auditions; some of them. The first one is very standard. I was just an actor director in a small room, not as completely different as I am now, and read a few scenes. Then a few weeks later, I went to Los Angeles to study with Amy [Sherman-Palladio] and Dan [Palladio] and our L.A. actor director Jenny Bahalah.

Have you put on this dress?

a little bit. I try not to go. I can’t really do my own hair and makeup, so anything in the department is a disaster. But for my first audition, I felt like I was wearing this yellow shirt that I thought was very cute and they let me change for the second audition. [Laughs] So, it’s not as cute as I thought.
How much do you think the costume is separated from the role of Mrs. Maisel?

Clothing is a big part. Midge’s appearance is something she is very proud of, making her feel good and giving her a purpose. This is the first thing the world sees, and it means a lot to her. The costumes on our show are huge, our fashion designer Donna Zakowska is a crazy genius lady, everything in her head is more exciting than the last thing. She just continues to surpass herself, and it has become an important part of this show and this woman.

Do you have to wear a belt?

I have to wear a corset, but the interesting fact about the corset: I used to wear a corset called Krakowski because it was originally designed for Jane Krakowski. And this season, now we have Brosnahan, which was designed in Paris, when we went out for a while. So I now have my own corset. I am in the big league. what!
How does it feel? Does it change your posture, your body?

Yes, at first, when we first started shooting the first few episodes of the first season, I felt that I couldn’t think of anything other than wearing a corset. I can’t move, I can’t breathe, I can’t eat. I got used to it over time, it was a bit disturbing, but it was great.

Then, this season, with the new one, it is a little different from the front corset. I like it, it’s supportive… I don’t wear a corset to make me smaller. I wore a corset to slightly change the shape of the waist to match the 1950s. Therefore, in the clothes of the 1950s, the waist was slightly lower than the waist of the 1940s, and my waist was a bit high, so this is why I have a corset. But I did find that it changed the way I stood and sat walking. In corsets and petticoats, tights and these beautiful, beautiful clothing, hair and cosmetics, when I walked out of the trailer, I felt completely changed. This is part of my favorite act as an actor – it has always been. And I am very fortunate to be able to participate in a program that does this every day.

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