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Small Leather Shoes + Stockings, Korean Girls Wear It This Way!

Shoes play an essential role in the daily casual wear of a person, even for events. They also completed the harmony of an outfit. Without footwear, your style or outfit of the day is not enough, but just a mere uncomplete look with an essential missing piece.

Shoes come in different designs, sizes, and colors, making them enjoyable to wear. It gives comfort and support to your feet; it also adds power to your looks.

Asians have different styles of wearing their shoes and other clothes; particularly below are some Korean-inspired looks with your leather shoes on.

Fashion Oversized Blazer

You can achieve a perfect look by wearing casual oversize jackets and blazers with your leather shoes and stockings. Black and white-colored theme jackets are ideal for any footwear you wear; it gives a natural and simple look. It perfectly blends with any colors and length of your leather shoes. Wearing stockings on it is optional, but it creates a different look which makes it more captivating.

This type of jacket or blazer gives a more formal look than the normal one; its style is overrated during these past few years, and even until now, well, it says it all by just looking at it. The charismatic and formal look of it will surely convince you to have one for your wardrobe collections.

Varieties of skirts are suitable for leather shoes, but the pencil-style skirt is more suited and creates a perfect combination. Picking your tops with your dress on may vary on what shoes you also wear. However, with your pencil skirt on, any tops may do. Anything you wear may look good in combining this skirt and with your leather shoes on.  This type of look can be used for formal gatherings and occasions. Pencil skirts, when worn, give a flattering look to every figure. It shows some part of your legs which gives a decidedly feminine look.  

Puffed Sleeve Sexy Dress

A playful style of the dress creates a cute and elegant look. The balloon style of sleeves looks unique and has become the fashion favorite. Many people like to wear this kind of dress; it shows femininity and expresses women’s power. It creates history since it has been worn by women before, and it still becomes popular in our new time. Its timeless feature makes different styles with the other pair-up shoes. However, wearing leather shoes with it becomes a trend. The voluminous look on your shoulder blends the style of the leather shoes you plan to wear with it.


There are different types of shoes you can wear with shorts; shorts are also versatile on any occasion and event. Shorts are an easy choice of clothing we have since it appears to look for goods to anything on any tops and shoes we wear. It is also essential for every wardrobe and necessary for everyone. Shorts and leathers may look odd together; however, a perfect clothing style can create a striking look that everyone should see.

A pair of high-top leather shoes look good in short-cut shorts. Shorts can have different designs such as polka dots, flowers, types of denim, and many more.

Denim Jackets

Denim is an old fashion style that never gets out of class until at our present and modern time. Its timeless beauty that offers a unique and natural look for people that wears them is so promising. Denim is still popular, and the styles are always in trend. A perfect combination of leather shoes and denim gives off a classic and exemplary look. Jackets are more promising than ordinary tops since it covers most of your skin which is suitable for conservative people.

A vintage look in a denim jacket will probably blend with the classic style of leather shoes, and with stockings on, it gives a more modern and revamped style, which you will surely love.

Sexy Mini Black Dress

Black-colored dresses are always in trend and are known as women’s saviors. You can always style black dresses in anything you want. Maybe different accessories and shoes still look good in them, whatever style or design. Honestly, most people look good on black dresses since it creates a suitable fitting and highlights your figure’s silhouette. The casual and elegant look of black dresses explicitly gives us more reason to love them. Any skin color we have black dress always flatter and still gives you a mature look. It works for any season and allows stains not to look more visible.

Light Colored Floral Dress

A lovely flower design dress creates a different image, precisely a cute and feminine look. The beauty of floral dresses is irresistible, and we can’t help ourselves to wear them often. That is why we need to know that leather shoes can also look good in floral dresses, and it gives us a perfect look and an ideal reason to battle any outfit. Leather shoes are an ideal fit for floral dresses leather boots, to be exact. The romantic mood of the flower petal design dresses blooms exceptionally with your leather shoes and stockings on.

Some outfits mentioned above are Korean look inspired, which is also visible in Korean pop stars and k-pop idols that people are now so into. However, it is still better for us to know what would go best for our body figure so as our skin color.

In fashion, leather shoes and stockings are always in tandem and create a beautiful and perfect look for everyone who tries to style their outfits. Asian countries have different styles of wearing them, yet some dresses and costumes don’t get old in pairing up with it. It still looks good and exceptional.

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