The ugliest 3 kinds of clothing collocation

Well, when we speak about fashion, the things that come to our mind are the best dressed man and women flaunting the latest apparels and newest trends in designer clothing. Have you ever though that fashion trends and apparels can be ugly as well. Yes, the dress may not be ugly, but the way they are worn, makes the person look ugly as hell. Again, we are not calling any individual ugly. The point that we are trying to make here is, when the apparels are not worn or combined in the right way, they can make or break a look. It doesn’t matter whether it is made by the world’s most eminent fashion designers, if they are not worn in the right combination, it can become a fashion disaster. That being said, to make our point clear, we are going to share some of the ugliest fashion and clothing combination that will help you perceive what we are trying to say.

The first one that you need to have a look is the Noir kei Ninomiya fashion apparels. If you remember the Magic Trolls Babies in the 90s, then you shall also remember how weirdly they were dressed. They were dressed in the ugliest way possible as if they were poor and shabby toys. The brand Noir Kei Ninomiya apparels are influenced by the vintage dolls for the hairstyles of his models. It is crafted well in such a way that it will surely catch eyes and attract attention. Along with that, the combination of unique technique, organic materials and high quality tailoring made the dress one-of-a-kind.

The next one that you need to check is the Thom Browne. Anna Dello Russo is undoubtedly someone who knows fashion. The apparels are something that creates the definition of future fashion trends. The thing about fashion trends is, it can completely change your perspective towards fashion. The renowned fashion designer presented a collection that is inspired by the submarine universe populated by beautiful creatures like starfish, mermaids, sharks, pelicans, jellyfish and more. It was still fine, but making the catwalk models, gagged and tied and then asked to walk, depicts a lack of sensitivity and makes the dress look ugly.

The final one on the list is the Courreges and the dress is created in such a way that it feels you will be crushed under the weight of tradition. This is just exactly the same feeling that you will have. We know this how? Because this is the same feeling that of Yolanda Zobel with SS19 collection that was designed for Courreges. It is definitely not in socks with the applications worn as the tops, cribs and ribbons instead of clothes.



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