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How to be a body manager? Choose Shapellx

Women come in all sizes. In the last 20 years, women in larger sizes have experienced a surge in interest from designers who have branched out into plus size shapewear fashions. This is also true of the women’s shapewear venue. Whatever tickles your fancy, if they make it in a smaller size, chances are you can find a large size to fit. Waist trainer, girdles, extended-sized bras, and camisoles are all just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what is available in sizes 1x all the way up to 5x for some manufacturers. I have so far found a good list of shapewear products to fit the voluptuous plus-sized woman. Feel free to browse for plus size shapewear at and buy if you see something that is to your liking.

Shapellx’s plus size shapewear is specially made for full-figured women who desire the perfect fit. Plus size bras offer great support to your breasts, the panties give comfortable coverage, while the waist trainer and shapewear sculpt your figure. Feel oh-so confident and beautiful with our best waist trainer.

If you want to firmly control and shape your hips, thighs, and butt, a long leg pantie girdle will give you all those benefits in one! You can wear this every day under skirts or pants. With this plus-sized lingerie, you can trim your thighs, shape your hips, and even flatten your tummy! It promises not to ride up as you move, keeping you comfortable and sexy the whole day.

Shapellx Shapewear has the plus size bras, panties and shapewear that gives you the curves at the right places. Check out our collection and find the perfect plus size lingerie for you!

Revolutionary Shapewear for Women 

The benefits of wearing the Shapellx’s control shapewear go far beyond other traditional women’s shapewear. Shapellx immediately offers a sleeker and smoother silhouette that women not only see but feel. The resistance bands that are incorporated directly into this control shapewear require muscles to work a little more during daily activities; the result is a toned body and additional calories burned.

The Shapellx body shaper underwear will keep you comfortable all through the day. The revolutionary body shaper is made from a moisture-wicking, breathable fabric with Lycra and cotton. They are so comfortable and easy to wear that you will want to put one on every day!

Uncovering the Beauty of Shapellx Shapewear

If you’re constantly complaining of bras that make your boobs spill out of your top, you should try our minimizer bras. These shapewear bras work a dual function: first, they make your boobs look a cup size smaller, and second, they will seamlessly blend into your top, giving you a smooth and clean look. Best of all, they will provide you with the support you need, plus added comfort. We also have a general selection of plus-size bras in a variety of styles and sizes.

Who says big can’t be sexy? With our plus-size shapewear, you can have an overall sexier and curvier silhouette in minutes! You can try waist cinchers, which work to flatten your tummy and make your waistline appear slimmer, or pantie girdles, for a fabulously curvy lower body. For a full slimming effect on your upper body plus a bust lift, try our body wraps. If you’ve just given birth, and are looking for something that will slim you down, as well as aid in body healing, we also have post-partum girdles for you.

Finally, for those looking for plus-size panties, we have them too! From thongs, boyshorts, and briefs, to padded panties for that natural butt lift, you can choose from our selection of plus-size panties in a wide array of sizes that will surely fit you comfortably.

Okay, then. Are you ready to show the world how beautiful plus-size can be?

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