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Popilush Shapewear Restores Your Charming Figure in Spring

Spring is the season for flowers. Synonym of romanticism, beauty and vivacity. Considered the most passionate time of the year, it inspires many women to invest in new pieces for their closet. Outdoor walks call for fresh, uncluttered compositions. Depending on the occasion you can also create a very elegant look.

The Popilush shapewears arrive as great helpers in this process of reformulating the clothes that will be used in the spring. A soft lounge dress, for example, can completely transform your appearance and provide comfort. Therefore, it becomes one of the darlings of women when they choose to buy a Popilush piece.

How can shapewears restore your charming figure in spring?

There are many ways to include waist shaping in your look. You can choose to wear shapewears on a daily basis or on isolated occasions. Every woman deserves the dream body.

Shapewear can give you confidence, self-esteem and the perfect look. See some tips:

1- Work or university

As we said, it is possible to include shapewear in everyday life. A shaping slip dress can give you a charming and comfortable look.

Use the Built-In Shapewear Crew Neck Sleeveless Maxi Lounge Dress for perfect shaping of the abdomen, lifting and supporting the bust.

Modal fabric with four-way stretch gives you the comfort you need for all-day shapewear. Adaptation of 3D models does not compress the hips, so you gain security and mobility.

Combine this shapewear with a blazer, tailored vest or women’s pantsuit in bengaline fabric.

Another very elegant option is the Built-In Shapewear Modal Soft Lounge Dresses. This model has neutral colors, but can also be used in colorful versions even at work, since spring calls for more cheerful pieces. Balance the look with a neutral-colored suit.

2- Walk in the park

Body shapers are powerful options for enjoying outdoor walks with elegance and comfort.

You can go hiking in the open air, family picnics. Or have a gelato with friends to catch up.

Wear the short-sleeved thong bodysuit with a scoop neckline and wide-leg pants in lightweight fabric. If you are going to practice physical activities, it goes well with modeling leggings too. The fabric on this bodysuit is soft and breathable, providing lightweight support and responsiveness.

Put on comfortable shoes according to your needs. Invest in sneakers or a stylish women’s loafer. Shoes with textured soles are super in trend and can make your look more charming this spring.

Reusing clothes from your closet

It is possible to use shapewears combined with clothes that you already have in your closet. You can purchase a strapless low back bodysuit shapewear to compose many looks.

Use the Strapless U Plunge Thong Bodysuit Backless Bra as an invisible shapewear underneath prom and wedding outfits as it has a backless bra. They also make the design of the waist without marking, so they are shapewears that work very well under low-cut dresses.

The transparent wings are adhesive and adjustable for greater comfort and flexibility. They are available in black and skin color. Invest in light and romantic looks. Delicate floral prints, crepe midi skirts and light fabric blouses go well with spring.

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