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This Year’s Popular Purple Skirt

Purple is the best color to rock this year. It is the reigning champion of the hot ladies trend. The royalty color has taken over many celebrities’ looks, and it is set to become the most promising color trend in the summer, winter, and autumn. It comes in different shades, including lilac, lavender, and eggplants, to coordinate with your existing outfit. 

Regardless of how fashion keeps on evolving, skirts have been a cornerstone in the fashion industry. A skirt is a flexible style when it comes to choosing the right outfit for day or night. More so, a purple skirt. It offers good looks ranging from professional to casual. Below we are going to learn how to rock a purple skirt this year.

Royal Purple Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirts have an inherent feminine quality. It is not just an office skirt, but you can also wear one for dinner. They are slim and sleek and can handle more volume at the top when paired with blouses, chunky sweaters, or layered tops. During winter and fall, you can wear your pencil skirt with blouses and sweaters. In spring and summer, you wear it with tees and cute tops.

Royal Purple Maxi skirts

You have to wear your maxi skirt for dinner, at the weekend, for lunch. It brings out a lovely and graceful feeling. You can pair your maxi purple skirt with an oversized sweater that will bring out a fantastic look with a cropped top or fitted top. 

Lavender Midi Skirts

Midi skirts are those that fall from just below the knee that has an elegant and graceful length. They are great to wear with details like an eyelet border near the hem or with pleats. They pair so well with most basics. They were IN fashion since the 1940s, and they have been refined.

Purple Mini Skirts

Mini skirts are the best when it comes to highlighting your legs. Their size makes them suitable for handling more volume up top or layers. Your tops should be either longer or shorter than your mini skirt. They are ideal for non-work occasions due to their sexy and girly nature. Wear your purple mini skirt for dinner, lunch, or weekend out.

The best way to rock the purple skirt is either with contrasting colors or monochrome head-to-toe. Both outfits make a powerful fashion statement. Accessorize your purple skirt to bring out the chic touch. Try solid minimalist bags and shoes for a unique twist. A purple skirt comes in handy for any special occasion.

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