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What is the experience of too white skin? It is enough to know these 5 sunscreens in 2020

If you have a sensitive and white skin then you are already aware of the fact that the sun can cause damage to your skin. At the same time, there are certain sunscreen lotions that too can cause a lot of damage to your skin. Here is why it is important to know the exact ingredients before choosing a sunscreen lotion for your skin. Have a look at the following sunscreen lotions that are not only beneficial for your skin but they can enrich your skin in the best possible ways.

The first one on the list is the EltaMD UV clear facial sunscreen that comes with a broad spectrum SPF46. This is one of the most preferred ones for those who have a white skin or a sensitive skin. The sunscreen comes with octinoxate and also zinc oxide. Thus, it means, there will not be any kind of white residue. There are no paraben and no pungent fragrance.

The next one on this list is the L Roche-Posay Anthelios Ultra-Light Sunscreen Fluid. This one comes with a matte formula that is ideal for layering it under makeup. It comes with a broad-spectrum protein with SPF 60. It is important to remember that an SPF f 45 will filter out 98% of the sunrays. It is a lightweight moisturizer.

The third option on the list is the Aveeno Ultra-calming daily moisturizer. The moisturizer and sunscreen doesn’t need to be mutually exclusive, especially if you have less time. The moisturizer comes with a broad spectrum of SPF30 coverage and it is totally mineral-based. It is just the perfect option for a sensitive and white skin. Also, the sunscreen lotion is water resistant and hypoallergic. This means, it will not clog the pores. It is oil and fragrance-free.

The fourth one on the list is the Olay complete daily moisturizer along with SPF 30 sensitive. This one is an oil-free and lightweight sunscreen lotion. It is extremely tolerable for the sensitive skin. The sun protection feature comes from the zinc oxide and it also contains vitamin E with aloe to ensure a flawless skin. This one is non-comedogenic.

The final one on the list is the Neutrogena SheerZinc dry-touch sunscreen lotion. It comes with natural ingredients that reduce skin irritation and is also safe for people with eczema. It will prevent the skin from the sun along with 100% zinc oxide. This one is resistant to sweat and sun for 80 minutes.



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