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Underbust Corsets | Steel Boned Underbust Corsets | The Violet Vixen

Our astounding selection of underbust corsets will have you dolled up and ready to go to any occasion: Steampunk extravaganzas, Renaissance festivities, holiday celebrations, Halloween parties—or even a visit to a friendly dungeon (with costumes for guards or assassins). Of course, you won’t need a reason go out—when you look this sexy, someone may talk you into a night at home.

Underbust corsets provide a wide range of sizing options. Depending on the corset, some are great for longer torsos, others just perfect for shorter torsos. Our corsets are splendid for smaller waists and larger plus-size waists—and everyone in between!

What a selection of materials, designs, accents and colors for those wanting to show off their feminine curves. Although all our tight-lacing corsets come with strong cording, some also have front metal busks or side zippers for easy removal.

Not all vixens are the same. Some prefer leather corsets, while others favor satin, denim or velvet. The Violet Vixen has something for anyone hoping to add a splash of shapely dazzle to her closet.

For a simple no-frills underbust corset, you have a wide selection of colors to choose from: blue, fuchsia, red, violet, pink or black.

Or if you’d prefer some adornment, check out our bustiers with zippers, beadwork, chains, metal accents, and gears and clockwork embellishments for Steampunk enthusiasts. So many choices of color! Pink, violet, white, blue, black, brown, green, along with stripes and other patterned designs and color combinations.

The power to turn all eyes on you! These steel boned underbust corsets come with mega-watt waist-cinching features: flat steel bones to flatten tummies and spiral steel bones to bend and flex with your curves. Don’t be shocked by the attention. These high-voltage corsets can really deliver the silhouette-enhancing energy to rev someone’s engine!

Those with plus-sized figures don’t need to worry about these corsets’ carrying capacity. The sturdy construction with heavy-weight materials means you’ll have curve-loving support for a long time. Your infrastructure will stay strong and sexy. They don’t give horsepower for corset ratings, but if they did—just how many stallions does one need? Amp your sex appeal with one of these delectable waist-cinchers!

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