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You Can Be Buying Sweatsuits Because Feelingirldress Has Preemptively Been Named ‘Most of 2021’

If you have been looking for a wholesale sweatsuit set, but couldn’t find the one that you like so far, you came to the right place! Our fashion guide will help you determine what exactly looks for in activewear, what colors are most in fashion this season, and how to choose a set that is right for you. Keep reading!


While choosing a sweatsuit set that will meet all your expectation, it’s good to buy a piece that is versatile and can be easily combined with other garments in your wardrobe. We always recommend going for classic, elegant colours such as grey, black or dark blue as they look good with most colours and can serve as your wardrobe basics. You can then build your activewear wardrobe around them by adding more colours and patterns to the mix.

For example, start with a grey sweatsuit set. Opt for a zip hoodie or  sweatshirt as this style gives you more possibilities what to wear and how to style it. Add your favourite pair of sneakers and a print T-shirt for a casual, everyday look.

If you want to spice up your look a little bit, change your sweatpants for stylish jean shorts, add a pair of loop earrings and fashionable top.

Next day, you can use bottom part of your sweatsuit and create another stylish outfit: grey sweatpants combined with an asymmetric top (floral or geometric print will look great), a cross-body bag and a light jacket.

If you have a couple of sweatsuit sets, you can now mix and match all the items together and create a different look for every day of the week and for various occasions – one for going out, one for the gym, one for shopping, one for going away with friends, one for relaxing at home, etc.

Another colour and style that we would like to recommend is a crop sweatshirt with matching pants in powder pink. This girly and pretty outfit will

add some fresh energy to your wardrobe and will make you look young and cute.

Last but not least, a black sweatsuit set is a must-have item for 2021. It is super useful and versatile, there are endless options on how you can style it and match it with other clothes in your closet.


Here are a couple of examples: wear you sweatshirt with a colourful A-line skirt or skinny jeans and long white shirt; combine your black sweatpants with oversized top or a stylish sweater with statement sleeves and a funky necklace. Use your imagination to create more amazing looks and you will be surprised how many possibilities there are to discover.

We hope that after reading our fashion guide, you are now more familiar with different types of activewear and will be ready to shop for and style your own set with more confidence. Our go-to website, feelingirldress reviews, offers a great source of inspiration when it comes to sweatsuits and activewear so you may want to check it out as well. Enjoy your shopping!

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