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20 good reasons to rethink your corset this spring

“Since I was a child, I fell in love with a corset. When I was a child, my grandmother took me to an exhibition. They showed a corset. I like meat, squid, Lace, “The superb Jean Paul Gaultier once recalled that he talked about the dramatic charm of a corset.

Of course, for our predecessors, from dawn to dusk, they were asked to be bundled in this underwear, and the corset functioned like a tailoring cell. In fact, even some modern women have not seen its charm: “I hate wearing tights. The corset is my view of torture,” model Laquel Zimmerman said unequivocally. On the other hand, Michelle Dockery plays Lady Mary at Downton Abbey, apparently likes every minute of it: “I don’t mind wearing a corset,” she Admit it. “It tells you the posture and changes the way you move – you can’t slack off.”
So go ahead – break out in Vivienne Westwood Fantasia or bold denim Mugler or Dolce & Gabbana dress symphony. I’m grateful, no one tells you that you have to pull these strings so tight that you can barely breathe, or you can’t vote for them when you play the average game of beach volleyball or knock on the door to hit the middle of the season.

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