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Despite being a much sought after fashion item, as well as a common secret for women to get the ideal body, in fact, body shapers are still a scourge for some people. The reason is none other than excessive worry when wearing it. Worrying about being painful, tight, inconvenient, and even worried about irritating. Are you also thinking the same thing?

Ladies, don’t feel too anxious. In this modern era, don’t waste your chance to get the perfect body silhouette just because you think shapewear is the undergarment you want to eliminate. You don’t need to hesitate anymore to wear shapewear because Popilush has prepared 4 of their best-designed bodysuits which are not only pretty in design but also very practical and comfortable to wear.

Don’t blink your eyes, here are the best shapewear you deserve to bring home from Popilush!

1. The Popilush’s Easy To Wear Bodysuit (Zipper Design)

Did you know that old corsets were made of bone or steel and were designed with ropes as the control device to tighten the tummy and waist area? You can imagine, yes, the hassle of wearing and removing a corset every day. You don’t want to waste your time just tugging and tightening a bunch of your shapewear ribbons every time you put them on, do you?

Answering the wishes of precious women around the world, Popilush provides the best bodysuits that are very practical and easy to wear in just seconds. These bodysuits come with a zipper design to save your time when putting them on.

The advantage of the zipper design bodysuit lies in its ease of wearing. The zipper on the front or side of the bodysuit is very helpful, especially if you are in a hurry to put it on or take it off in the morning. Popilush created their zippered design bodysuit with high-quality materials so that it can hug your tummy area tighter yet still comfortable.

2. The Popilush’s Smart Feature Bodysuit (Open Gusset Design)

Ladies, you should always pay attention to additional features when selecting a bodysuit, especially the open gusset feature. You certainly want shapewear that is practical, comfortable and doesn’t bother you when wearing it, hence make sure you choose a bodysuit that provides an open gusset feature. Although it seems trivial, this feature has a big impact on your experience when wearing a bodysuit all day. Just imagine if you have to take off your bodysuit every time you need to go to the toilet. Worst of all, what if it happened at the office or at a party?

Well, you understand right, what should you do? Yes, hurry up and visit Popilush because they provide modern bodysuits with the open gusset feature that you definitely need.

3. The Popilush’s Comfortable Bodysuit (Flexible Material)

Bodysuit is practical shapewear designed to shape your body while you do your daily activities. Therefore, Popilush made their bodysuits of high-quality materials that is comfortable to wear for a long time. Flexibility and softness of the fabric are the main concerns that make Popilush bodysuits better than other brands.

Nylon and spandex are very popular in the world of shapewear and have been recognized for their comfort on the skin. Nylon absorbs sweat well and is weightless when worn, while spandex is a typical elastic and durable material. No wonder Popilush choose these best fabrics not only for their bodysuit products but also for their best sports bra, leggings and panties. Everything is for your coziness, ladies!

4. The Popilush’s Pretty Design Bodysuit (Lace And Floral Details)

Women do like pretty and sweet details. So it’s not surprising, even though bodysuits are worn as figure-slimming undergarments and hidden under clothes, choosing a beautiful design is still a must, right?

It’s really hard to take your eyes off a bodysuit that has pretty lace on the bottom. The addition of adhesive technology at the bottom of the bodysuit, preventing it from rolling up and keeping it comfortably in place. This additional lace detail makes the pretty design itself look even more elegant and classy. Even though it’s hidden behind your outfit, wearing a flattering undergarment can certainly increase your confidence as a woman.

Well, with pretty designed and practical bodysuit, it’s true that you won’t have any unpleasant experiences while wearing it. So, don’t miss your chance to have amazing curves with bodysuits from Popilush. Which design is your favourite?

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