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4 Ways To Curl Your Hair

Whether you have short or long hair, curlers always look good, there are different styles and sizes that adapt to the style you are looking for, from more defined curlers to much looser ones like the Hollywood stars in the 60s, the options are endless since there are currently brands on the market that come with all the heads you need to achieve all those styles and you can see yourself different every week practicing many of these styles, some are much more relaxed than others but curlers always give you that feeling of being arranged and perfect for anything you want to do that day, these are some of my favorites for this season because spring and summer lend themselves to showing off your hair in this way, either to go out with your friends or for all Those outings to which you want to go this summer, going to restaurants or cafes, appointments or more formal events whether they are work, family or friends.

Natural curls

If you want to achieve that look of having hair like this even if you have it straight, you can achieve it with a very thin head that imitates the shape of a natural curl, this is one of my favorites for editorial shots because it looks very natural and if all your life you have had straight hair, you can have this style in a matter of minutes.

Victoria Secret curls

If you have seen the catwalk in previous years, you know that these hairstyles are a classic of the models, the trick is to use a much larger head and make the waves in different directions to make it look much more natural, there are hundreds of tutorials on youtube of how to achieve this particular style, it is one of the favorites of the brides in their day to achieve a natural style.

Loose waves

This style is much more relaxed, it is most noticeable from medium to ends to give it that more casual finish, the curlers are not so defined because after using the curling iron you comb them to give the hair much more volume, this is perfect for the day to day because it takes very few minutes to achieve it, it is the favorite of celebrities in events because it is a perfect style for those moments.

Waves with volume

If they go from the root to the end, they are characterized by being much more defined but with a thick head so that it has a lot of volumes, I love to use this style, I feel super groomed and my hair feels much lighter despite all the volume, it is perfect whatever the shape of your face, this is one of those styles that go with any event because they look supernatural as if that were your hair in your normal shape, this is one of my favorites because I have always wanted have curlers but with this style, I can have them in a not so defined way, this is everyone’s favorite when it comes to day to day hair because it looks so put together.

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