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5 cute water glasses, with it more and more want to drink water

Meta description – ‘Drink more water’ is the first suggestion we get when we are discussing good hair, skin or healthy lifestyle. When you have the right kind of glasses, that might act as your motivation to gulp more of that positive fluid.

  1. Gilded Rim Stemless Glass

These are round and really cute to look at. The rim is shiny and is designed with subtle care. They are available in transparent colors and they don’t take up much space in your cupboard either. You can drink a small amount of water in frequent intervals with these glasses.

2.Double walled glasses

These glasses are mesmerizing to look at. You will see that they have that magical touch where the fluid doesn’t come in contact with the walls! This is an intriguing concept for children and you can persuade them to drink more water from these curious glasses

3.Copper Mule cups

The mule cups made of copper are not only attractive but also have excellent health benefits. The water stored in the copper glasses has ayurvedic advantages that balances the fluids of the body. This is very useful to provide your body with nutrients and also improve your mood.

4.Tumbler glasses with print

These are the ideal options for people who don’t like to drink water often. You know, the ones who gulp down large content all at once and look back for a few hours. These are simple glasses but the prints on them take the creations to the next level. They are also good decors for your transparent cupboards.

5.Matte goblet glass

The world is in love with matte designs. Why not get that to drinking glasses? These goblet wine glasses are matte black and have a flawless finish. It’s trendy to drink from them. If you can get a hold of GOT style goblets with a matte finish, never let them go!

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