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5 French Desserts that Everyone Likes to Eat

If there’s one thing to love about France’s culture, it’s their love for cafes! You would see restaurants on almost every street corner in Paris. Did you know that many famous coffee shops in France are well-loved by notable people like Pablo Picasso, who frequented Les Deux Magots, Napoleon, who often visited Procope, and Jean-Paul Sartre, who enjoyed the Parisian treats at Café de Flore?

France is indeed a country that’s also famous for its excellence in culinary arts. It’s no wonder their desserts are a luxury not only in Europe but globally. Whenever you hear or think of French desserts, you’d most likely think of expensive bread. Due to their excellent culinary practices, they being adapted by different bakers worldwide. Almost anyone is enjoying Their French delicacies! Here are the five French desserts you ought to try:


Macarons are not only pretty, but they also have a balanced flavor with a pleasant sweet taste. They’re delicate and lovely, which makes them a perfect gift for any occasion! You can get several colors of macarons, put them inside a pretty box, and complete it with a cute bow for a nice, heartwarming, tummy-filling present!

Salted Caramel, True Chocolate, Mint Chocolate, Fruity Pebbles, and Lemon Meringue are some of the best-tasting macarons. Hence, if it’s your first time and you don’t know what to get, try some of these out or ask for the bakery’s best-selling flavors!


Did you know that crepes are also known as La Chandeleur or the “return of the light”? It is because it looks like a sun that gives warmth to bring you hope during a cold and dreary winter day. It’s also probably why there’s “le jour des crêpes” or the day of crepes, which happens every February and was initially a religious holiday.

Crepes can usually have an egg taste with a little bit of sweetness. You can include other flavors by putting chocolate syrup, strawberries, lemon curd, spinach, mushroom, and cinnamon for a twist. If you want something that looks luxurious on your family’s breakfast plate without being costly, then this is your best bet!


If you’re not familiar with crème Brulee, it has a rich custard base that’s also known as burned cream. A coffee crème Brulee is one of the most delicious, with the vanilla and caramel flavors giving a nice blend of taste.

While staying at home, you can try making this luxuriously delicious coffee crème Brulee using easy-to-follow recipes from reputable cooking blogs and websites like Food Network, Epicurious, and Jernej Kitchen. While enjoying the bursting flavor of coffee and vanilla rich in a creamy and sweet caramelized scent, work at home.


Chocolate Souffle

“Souffle” means to blow or make something puffy hence this chocolate soufflé looks so cute and fluffy! One of the French favorites that have inspired different flavors across the globe is the cappuccino soufflé

If you’re not sure where to get this, you can create your own! You’ll need ground milk chocolate, melted butter, flour, egg whites, espresso coffee, brown sugar, unsweetened cocoa, and powdered sugar espresso sauce.



Photo by sbossert from istockphoto.com

Though a favorite, your standard or street bakeries are probably not selling French Apple Tarts. To taste these delicious French Apple Tart, all you need are apples, lemon juice, apricot jam, vanilla bean paste, milk, cornflour, and butter. If you’ve got no time and you want to savor these treats, you can search the web for the nearest coffee shops or restaurants that sell this. It would indeed be worth every time, effort, and money!

Don’t worry about your diet. French desserts are treats you can savor once in a while, so don’t devoid yourself of the luxury to eat delicious goods! The great thing is you can find these foods at a lot of famous bakeries and cafes at reasonable prices.

Don’t forget to bring your journal and pen, sketchbook and pencils, or maybe your tablet or laptop. Write, think and explore your imagination while sitting in a cute and cozy café in your local shop enjoying French delicacies. You never know! You might be the next Van Gogh or Alexandre Dumas!

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