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Winter Starbucks Water Cup, Which Style Do You Like?

The World Health Organization (WHO) suggests us to drink roughly 2 liters per day and more, depending on our body weight, climate zone you are living in, and workload. Of course, for some of us, who are used to healthy living, this sounds like a simple task. Yet others may find building a habit of hydration not an easy challenge, especially in winter, when your body doesn’t seem to require plain water. To help you motivate yourself in the new year, we’ve compiled different water …

Fashion, home, life style

What Fruit Is Best For The Skin In Winter?

It indicates that you need skincare if you’ve been struggling with dull, wrinkled, or tired skin. Yummy fruits are the perfect way to have shiny and radiant skin. What is inside is reflected by your skin. That means the skin would certainly show if you don’t eat a balanced diet. With healthy skin, some people are genetically blessed. You don’t have to worry if you are not. Only add the fruits that follow, and you are good to go. Oranges: During winters, the immune system, skin …