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The Quilted Bags You Should Not Miss

Quilted bags have gradually become the protagonist accessories of the current feminine style. Always perfect for any occasion, they are characterized by the special padding that recalls a real winter quilt.

They are also called matelassé and can be of different shapes and materials, even if most of the models are made of eco-leather.

Not only black, but you will also discover that there are many proposals with bright and bold colors. Let’s discover together all the new quilted bags, from shoulder bags passing through handbags and backpacks!

The quilted bags are characterized by a special stitching decoration that characterizes the padded layer of the entire bag or just the front part. Let’s find out which are the most beautiful quilted bags, from Love Moschino to Zara!


Shoulder bags represent a happy return to this cold season. There is much of the latest news, but the shoppers are still destined for a very important role.

This is why some brands have decided not to upset their already dense catalogs of accessories by inserting further proposals. Rather they have made some modernization work to what are the essential bags of the collection.

Here, therefore, among the latest creations, we find the Desigual shoppers with quilting designs, which are inspired by the iconic original prints of the brand.

You will also discover in the new collections quilted shoulder bags with long-chain handles and soft inserts on the shoulder.


Are you a lover of vintage style and everything that can be useful to create a retro look?

Then in your wardrobe, you absolutely must make room for a small handbag and, why not, quilted! You will realize that your outfits will immediately change the face and the quilted handbag will give you a more sophisticated mood with references to the past.

You won’t find many, but when you do, if this is the style you are looking for, then don’t think twice and buy your next must-have on the fly.


Among the new quilted bags, shoulder straps could certainly not be missing. We have literally fallen in love with these proposals in recent years. After all, what is better than a nice bag, large enough to wear “on” leaving your hands free?

Exactly, there is nothing, so don’t miss the opportunity and as soon as you can, buy a nice quilted shoulder bag.

And, just to be a little more incisive, know that you will practically not make any effort for (almost) all brands to provide their own version.

One of them is Pinko which in its collection contains many quilted bags of different colors and is characterized by various types of quilting.

Pinko padded bags, available in numerous colors, including various shades of red, are at the top of the list of many fashion addicts!

Speaking of chromatic selection, you will also find a great choice among the different Love Moschino bags, which decline its proposals in both black and cream but also red and shock pink.

Among the cheapest, however, we point out some of the new padded shoulder bags by Zara, which offered great space in vitamin and intense colors, such as grass green and cerulean blue.


Yes, among the new padded bags there are also quilted backpacks! Just like many bags, backpacks retain the classic and simple style of a backpack but have a thickened lining on which mostly geometric seams have been made.

Once again you will find a nice choice among Love Moschino’s signature accessories.

Alternatively, if you want something different, let yourself be enchanted by the simple but elegant proposals of Trussardi Jeans.

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