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How to Protect Your Hair From The Cold?

Knowing how to take care of your hair in winter keeps us away from a lot of inconveniences that occur during the cold period.

Changes in temperature, rain, and humidity, in fact, make hair electric, frizzy and difficult to style – especially if it is curly hair – which is why it is important to take action.

There are some simple rules to follow for hair care in winter that mainly concern our habits, such as excessive use of a straightener and hairdryer or water that is too hot when shampooing.

A fundamental role is played by hair products: green light for shampoo oil, restructuring masks, and even leave-in hair creams, for a nourishment and hydration booster.

Furthermore, when you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors, it is important to protect your hair from the cold: hats and caps are our best allies, as long as you choose the right material.

When the great cold is upon us, it is important to know how to take care of your hair in winter in order to avoid ending up with stringy, frizzy, and indomitable hair. Haircare in winter – especially if it is curly or particularly rebellious – requires some tricks, simple tips that really make a difference.

Also, of course, it is useful to know which hair products to use in the winter. Nourishing and rich formulations for masks, oil-based formulations for shampoo are preferred and, nevertheless, it is essential to include products such as balms and leave-in creams and scrubs for the scalp in your beauty routine. Let’s begin!


Let’s start talking about shampoos. Especially if your hair tends to be greasier in winter, it is important to focus on products that thoroughly cleanse the skin without attacking it, therefore shampoo for frequent washing.

An excellent idea is represented, in this sense, by oil shampoos. From the oil texture, they are very delicate on the skin and nourishing, but do not weigh down the hair at all.

If you do not have these problems, but rather suffer from particular dryness and aridity, I suggest you give an opportunity to all the shampoos with a strengthening and protective action, therefore capable of shielding the hair from the aggressions of external agents such as wind and rain.

In this regard, shampoos based on natural oils such as olive, coconut, or Argan oil are excellent. Specific shampoos and conditioners against frizz, another very common problem in winter, can also be useful.

Once or twice a week treat yourself to a nourishing and regenerating mask, to restore the hair and strengthen it. Alternatively, I recommend in times of greater stress to undergo a complete restructuring treatment, opting for a kit like that of Olaplex.


Especially in winter, a particularly stressful period for the hair, it is useful to regularly scrub the scalp. There are many proposals available, both more expensive and cheaper.

I recommend, for example, one of the most famous. This is Christophe Robin’s saline hair and scalp scrub. With its purifying and detox action, it is particularly suitable for oily hair.

A cheaper alternative is represented by this Sephora product, Cleansing Scalp Scrub Hair. Based on 90% natural ingredients and apple cider vinegar, it is used once a week instead of shampoo.

When you do the scrub, remember to massage your scalp well. If your hair appears dull, it could also be due to a microcirculation disorder. To reactivate it properly, massage the scalp for at least 5 minutes with your fingertips, with circular movements from the temples and hairline to the rest of the head.

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