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How to Get a Curvy Figure Effortlessly

Women icons exist because of their fabulous personalities. Added to that, certain actresses and famous models have one thing in common. Curvy figures! Gone are the days where skinny was considered pretty. People now look at toned, voluptuous women and find them very attractive. Now, if you have a thin body with no curves, you need not despair much. Shapewear is now a very common concept where it works like wearing corsets but made of cloth and is way more comfortable. In fact, we see this used by many women who find it hard to exercise and get toned.

There are amazing options now for women to get a curvy figure. There are tight shapewear, butt lifters, whole bodysuits, thigh and butt enhancers, waist thinners and so many more. Durafits is a great online platform to visit to check these out. They specifically deal with figure-enhancing shapewear.


Different types of shapewear.

The best shapewear for women comes in generic colours like beige, black and white and can be of various types. There are shaper shorts, shaping panties, and whole bodysuit shapers that give the body an effortless-looking curved figure.

The various shapewear for women comes for any type of conditions like postpartum recovery tummy control, waist-tummy booster, tummy compression, hip-booster enhancer, invisible bodysuits. They are generally accompanied by zips and breathable material to ensure comfort.  They have padding in case it is part of an enhancer and have tight nylon material if the shapewear is to reduce the fat in some parts.

Shapewear is highly personalized. In case you want a curved figure and you already are curvy everywhere, you can use shapewear to give yourself a toned look. The tightness of shapewear generally makes your body look more toned and fit.

Open Bust Body Shaper With Side Zip

Shaper shorts

Shaper shorts are getting quite popular nowadays for people dealing with either very high thigh and butt fat or they have a triangular-figured body. These tend to concentrate only on the lower body and this comes in various types. There are butt boosters, full-length leggings that control your lower body fat, and mid-thigh body fat shaper. They are generally in trouser or legging format and are made of thicker material than other shapewear.

They tend to be fitted with butt pads with zipping that you can adjust. They even have thicker straps and hip pads sometimes to give even the hips an enhanced shape. Some even come with hooks so that you can adjust the tightness to suit your requirements. These are generally open-bust shapewear as it is preferred by people with larger bosoms. However, there are body suits that incorporate both.

All in all, shapewear like these generally gives you a curved figure without any effort. You would not have to go to the gym, you can take the shortcut for this. Many people may not find the time to go and exercise for just one day with some huge event, hence they look to shapewear. The women’s shapewear industry has evolved so much, the plethora of options is varied and many. You just have to choose based on your requirements, and then you’re all set!

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