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5 Shaving Foams/Creams That Men Like to Use

Days are gone when the only job of shaving foams was to get rid of facial hair. Depending upon the skin, the stubborn nature of the hair, and the after benefits of shave, men tend to get attracted to specific shaving creams or foams. Here are some of the popular shaving foams that men tend to prefer-  

Gillette Sensitive Skin Shaving Foam

Often when you shave and put your razer aside, you’ll notice the skin dries up or turns red. This is because your sensitive skin is not comfortable with the friction and sometimes, the dryness can even lead to injuries. That is why men love to use this product by Gillette that does a very good job of moisturizing the skin and also reaping the aftershave benefits that sensitive skin demands.

Innisfree Moisturizing Foam

This is a leading Korean brand that has been producing quality products for both male and female customers. This shaving foam has two benefits. It also acts as a good cleansing agent that removes any deposited dirt and oil along with soothing the hair for quick removal. It has a pleasant smell and lathers really well.

Harry’s Aloe Face foam

Aloe face foam has a very thick lather that helps you direct the entire action of shaving. You can spread it easily across the face and the presence of aloe vera makes your skin feel cool and comfortable. You don’t have to worry about tingling and even dry skin post the shave. The foam acts as a moisturizing agent along with the obvious promises. It also mildly cleanses your skin.

Proraso Shave Protective and Moisturising Foam

This shaving foam has a decent amount of aloe along with Vitamin-E. Both of these ingredients are useful for making the facial hair smoother and allowing a smooth shaving experience. This foam lathers well and doesn’t leave your skin tender post the use.

Loreal Skin Expert – Shaving Foam

Loreal has designed this shaving foam keeping in mind all the challenges that men face. The presence of aloe makes it a soothing option, it is hypoallergenic and also softens the beard in no time. The lather spreads as an even film on the chin to prevent accidental cuts.

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