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Blue Jeans + Suits, The First Choice to Enter The Workplace

You don’t have to be a stiff block with zero expressions on your face when you enter the workplace. Yes, it is important that you stay formal but that doesn’t mean you’ll be frozen and uncomfortable all the time. Your ease and confidence should speak volumes and your outfit will do a good job in helping you with that aspect. Combining jeans with suits is the subtle definition of getting the best of both worlds. Here are some of the options that you can choose from to get your ideal office style –

Blues with Blues

One of the best choices you can make is to combine the blues with the blues. Take your sky blue jeans and pair it with a sky blue shirt or t-shirt. Choose a blazer that is shades darker than your jeans and wear them like a super pro!

Cover up completely

In case you are planning to skip the skin-tight jeans and go for the regular slightly loose jeans, then you should pair them with good blazers. Take your high neck knit tops and grab the long suit blazer from your collection. Pair these three together with quality white shoes and you’re done. White and black combo in this design will be a plus. If you are a belt enthusiast, you can wear that too


You can always choose blazers that have checks on them. These add the extra flare that is needed to enhance the overall look. Since this is a workplace attire, you can skip the ripped jeans and go for casual blue jeans but if you love the blacks, you can go for the dark shade jeans as well.

Cropped Blazers

The cropped blazers are a great way to add some change to the regular blazer and suit look. In this attire, you can go for the normal blue jeans and a subtle crop top. Over that, wear your cropped blazer, usually in the same color of your jeans but a few shades darker.

Color suits

With your casual blue jeans, you can also wear shirts that have specific prints on them and the blazers can be of different colors. For example, here you can wear a white shirt with a subtle print of reen leaves and complete the look with a green blazer that matches in color with the leaves.

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