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6 Of The Best MAC Lipsticks Out There

There are so many lipstick colors on mac, and entangled girls will inevitably get more entangled when choosing colors. Sometimes you don’t know which colors to choose, because many colors are beautiful. Let’s take stock of these super beautiful mac shades. !

1. MAC Mocha

Mocha color, don’t pick the skin tone, less red tones than MAC chili, good daily match. Semi-matte texture, not too dry, not high requirements for makeup.

2. MAC Vegas Volt

MAC lipstick Vegas Volt is coral orange red, which is slightly pinker than normal orange red. It is a very popular daily color at MAC. It is refreshing and versatile, very white, not picky, it is a must in summer! This one is not as luminous as morange, and its brightness and color are between morange and ravishing, slightly darker than ravishing. Not unassuming but not low-key, not too bright and not too natural, creamy texture, rich in color, highly recommended

3. MAC ruby ​​woo

If you ask me, which is the hottest color in mac lipstick? That must be ruby ​​woo. From the very beginning, it has been the king of all mac lipsticks. No matter spring, summer, autumn and winter, it is an absolute classic that ranks No.1! Rihanna also said when working with mac to design lipsticks: “It is absolutely impossible to design a lipstick that surpasses ruby ​​woo!”

4. MAC Whirl

The elegant rose color adds nude brown tones, which is especially suitable for ladies with fair skin. Although it is a pure matte texture, it is very smooth and has a special rose tone, not the full brown that you can see at a glance. It makes the face more three-dimensional, the makeup is cleaner and softer, and highlights the noble temperament.

5. Mac marrakesh

The new color of matte lipstick, marrakesh, translated as the Oriental Pearl of Morocco, is the new spokesperson of the earthy orange color. It is very popular in the market. It is a very positive brick color and fits well with the name.

6. MAC Lady bug

Although this is also red, its texture determines that it is a water red~! It is pink and tender, very girly, moisturizing and clear, and can be applied daily. It is very white without picking the skin color. If you go to work, it is light and stress-free. If you want a young red lips, this is your choice!

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