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A Loose Shirt That Is Essential For Summer

IF there is something that cannot be missing in your wardrobe, it is a white shirt or any type of shirt, preferably one that is loose and that you can wear with any pants, jeans, skirt. It is essential that you always have to be updating because obviously over time it wears out and no longer looks as good as before.

This shirt is a classic that began in men’s fashion and little by little it infiltrated women’s fashion as a very elegant basic that Carolina Herrera uses in almost all her interviews, this piece has become a symbol of elegance but it can be worn in a casual way with shorts, or with a short skirt, the most common is with jeans and it is our favorite without a doubt, that is why I want to show you the versatility of this piece for this summer of a very fresh and youthful shape.

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This is the most classic way and the one that has been in fashion for some decades, this outfit is the favorite of many celebrities to go out to do everyday things in their lives and we mortals use it to go out with our friends or on a date because It is very versatile and can be seen very well if you combine it with the right accessories.


This is an option that can look very elegant, depending on whether the skirt is short or not, you can play a lot with this style, mostly for an event or a party where you want to look relaxed but elegant and well dressed at the same time, that’s what I love about this shirt, that you can wear it for many occasions.


Currently, the fashion of pants has returned in a very casual way, more sporty and much more relaxed than before, obviously, there are still those pants that are perfect for going to the office but there are others that are baggier and that you can wear on a normal day. to go to the park or to go to brunch with your friends.


This is one of the most casual without a doubt, if they are made of fabric they can look a little more elegant but if they are made of denim, they are the perfect set to go out in the afternoon and enjoy cocktails with your friends, with sports or sandals, this outfit is currently a classic, because we all have those denim shorts that we love and wearing it with this white shirt gives it that relaxed style but you still look cute to go for a coffee or lunch with your friends or anyone, you will always see someone wearing an outfit likes on trips and abroad when you’re on vacation because it’s something so easy to pull off anywhere and we love it, you need this pieces asap in your wardrobe for this season, these are the top items you must have and must wear during this exciting summer full of new things to do.

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