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Amazing facts from the history of corsets

Sacrifice the beautiful waist.

The corset is one of the oldest items in the current wardrobe. Its history stems from ancient times. In the eleventh century there was a pioneer in corsets – extra protection for soldiers, which was gradually moved into the closet of secular men and women. But for centuries, corsets have not lost meaning to those who follow fashion.

1. The modern charm of the old times

A corset like today appeared in the 1500s, but the compulsory subjects in the closet were only 300 years old. In the 19th century, Vogue imaged “a La hourglass” and the bodice secured the lady’s waist and steep hips.

Then the ladies won their independence in the community, and the corset seemed to be forgotten forever as a relic of the past. But that’s it. Today’s bodice can be seen in celebrities who like to show their photos on social networks and fashion shows. Don’t avoid the topic of corsets like the famous designers like Sarah Burton and Riccardo Tisci.

2. Pregnant women and the queen’s corset

In the nineteenth century, corsets were so popular that fairness was worn from the earliest age to the old age. They are even pregnant. For them, a special bodice, one hand is not allowed to take away, does not hurt the baby, the other hand supports the increase of the abdomen every week.

A passionate corset enthusiast is Catherine de Medici. She launched the official standard waist circumference – 33 cm. The Queen believes that the waistline of the corset must conform to the thickness of the neck lover. By the way, although the corset is known as the “corset”, from the ancient French Coles “body”.

Today, the corset is different.

It is worth mentioning that modern bodice is safer than Victorian corsets. In the era of our great great-grandmothers making ladies accessories with steel bars and whales. Today they are made from latex and fabric. However, if someone wants a real corset with a suffocating effect, today you can find a Frederick store like Hollywood.

Is that a corset?

Women wear a corset to make the waist thinner or look best after delivery. But it’s worth remembering that wearing a corset is full of health risks: the internal organs are the stavlennia position that causes abdominal pain and sometimes heartburn. And lovers should be strong, this practice can destroy the internal organs, ribs, and compromise kidney function.

5. What is the effect of the corset?

The corset compresses the waist area, thus helping to dehydrate the skin under the bodice. However, once the lady removes the bodice, the waist size will return to its original size.

It is fair to say that a corset may be useful for numbers, but only for the postpartum period. Doctors say that if you spend a few hours a day wearing a corset every day during the first month of life, it will help restore your previous speed.

6. What are the benefits of a corset?

Those who think that the corset helps to tighten the muscles have to be disappointing – this will not happen. But there are bodice and positive things: he makes his body elegant and beautiful. The corset does not form muscle, but when it does not, it will produce slack.

7. Men’s corset

Today, fans of corsets are half the power of mankind. The most famous of them is the 43-year-old Mr. Pearl. He wears a corset 24 hours a day, only in the bathroom. He said that wearing a corset promoted his memories of Grandma and started a business, and made corsets for celebrities such as Kylie Minogue, Victoria Beckham and Jerry Hall.

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