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The latest turning point in Keira Knightley’s corset is Gossip’s Colette

According to the life of the French novelist Colette, Keira Knightley re-dressed her latest film, “Colette.”

Maybe your direct response is, “Kiera Knightley? In a costume drama? There is no way!” Yes, this woman appears in more costumes and plays, instead of you can shake a stick – she may wear it at this time 18th century satin dance slippers.

However, many of Nately’s highly branded episodes are excellent, and Colette is a fascinating figure for biomedical treatment. Her early work was a great success in the Belle époque of Paris, but was written in her husband’s name, so he received an economic return. Her things – including a “female with Napoleon III, Marquise de Belboeuf, known as ‘Missy’, she began her career in the concert hall, mimicking the mating in the sketch (it caused riots in the Moulin Rouge),” The New York Times – is a legendary thing. The woman occupies an incredible amount and lives long enough to watch the stage adaptation of her novel Gigi, launching Audrey Hepburn’s career.

In addition, this special style hat looks good in Keira and almost no other people, she should use it as much as possible.

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