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Elizabeth Arden, The Niche Skin Care Brand That You Must Know

Elizabeth Arden, the founder’s original name was actually Florence, but people later called her by her brand name. In the heyday of Arden’s skincare and beauty brand, she was once the richest woman in the world. Although this brand was created in the United States, many people think that the name is British. In fact, after further exploration, there is indeed a British origin: the mother of the founder of Arden is from England and his father is from Scots. Later the family moved to After arriving in Canada, he moved to the United States. The young Arden worked in a multinational pharmaceutical factory in the United States. During the period, she worked hard to study beauty formulas and founded her own salon brand.

When the Arden brand was first established, at the end of the 19th century, the people at the bottom of society were most keen on makeup. But instead of following the trend, she led a new trend: Arden found the audience she most wanted to change: the middle class, middle-aged people, and looks relatively ordinary. Therefore, there are many classic anti-aging formulas in the early stage of brand establishment. She strives to teach these women to use scientific makeup, so as to have a more “ladylike” beautiful female image, classic and not vulgar. While opening up the market, it also led to a social trend of “being better”.

The Arden brand was initially popular from Manhattan, USA to the whole world. In addition to its precise positioning and beautiful concept, it also benefited from the brand’s red door in the salon. It was very iconic, just like Coca-Cola that was popular in the same era. , Word of mouth, you can’t forget it after experiencing it.

The Arden Prevage essence introduced to you today is a very well-known product in the anti-aging serum, belonging to the Elizabeth Arden Orange series.

Main active ingredients: AHA fruit acid and PHA The second generation fruit acid: AHA is very famous for exfoliating, it can exfoliate aging keratinocytes, make the skin delicate and brighten the complexion. The second-generation AHA is milder than the first-generation AHA, and it is less irritating. There is no need to worry about too strong irritation and peeling and peeling. The moisturizing power is also enhanced, but the whitening, spot-lightening and anti-wrinkle effects are reduced.

Idebenone is the orange component released after pressing the bottle cap. At present, several large cosmetic companies have added it to anti-aging cosmetic formulations and have received good market feedback. Use it every night for 28 days. Use this product immediately after cleansing the skin.

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