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Semi-permanent tattoo forms and tattoo designs

Semi-permanent tattoos are specifically for those that don’t want to get the permanent tattoos done. The reason is permanent tattoos will cause more pain and even if you change your mind after sometime, you will not be able to remove it. Most people don’t want to go through that pain and there is no need to undergo that pain if you are not comfortable with it. You can opt for different forms of semi-permanent tattoos. Starting from parties to religious ceremonial purposes, you can opt for all sorts of tattoos. Also, the best part is, semi-permanent tattoos can be removed for any event that you are going to attend any time you want.

There are three main forms of temporary, tattoos which are known as:

Press-on decal custom temporary tattoos: This is one of the best forms of a temporary or a semi-permanent tattoo where it will last from 24 hours to 2-3 weeks. If you opt for the Decal style along with metal jewellery it will last for 24 hours to a week. These tattoos are primarily created on the variation of glitter tattoos where the jewels or decals are pressed in the body. You can opt for the custom designs for the metal jewellery tattoo, but it will remain covered in the protective firm. This will allow in lasting for a long period of time. The press-on decal custom tattoos are the simplest forms of tattoos.

Airbrush temporary tattoos: The next option is the airbrush temporary tattoos. These tattoos are gaining popularity because of the looks. These tattoos look more like body paint and the best part is they are easy to remove. You can opt for the customized tattoos according to your preferences. To remove the airbrush tattoos, all you have to do is simply rub some alcohol on it and that’s it. They can be easily removed. While getting an airbrush semi-permanent tattoo, it might be a bit more time taking and difficult to apply.

Henna semi-permanent tattoo: The next type of semi-permanent tattoo is the henna temporary tattoos. These are extremely popular ones, and they are used mostly in marriage ceremonies. Henna is a plant-based substance and they are used in powdered form to create a tattoo and an artwork in the body. Henna tattoos last comparatively more than the other types of semi-permanent tattoos. In the Asian countries, Henna is considered as auspicious and it is used in ceremonial purposes. These types of tattoos are drawn freehand with a cone and a pre-determined design.

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