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Ice Blue Make-Up, Perfect for Winter

Of all the winter trends, the Ice Blue Make-Up 2021 2022 is one of the most interesting and colorful, transforming us in a flash into a modern (and fascinating) Snow Queen!

When winter arrives, it brings snow with it, whitening and making every landscape more ethereal and magical. We could say the same about the wonderful glacial shades of the new eye make-up trend, the Ice Blue Make-Up! The base is always cold shades of blue or light blue, which are embellished with shimmer and frosted products such as topcoats or points of light inside the eye. The glacial blue eye make-up for winter 2021 2022 has many different interpretations, from the most “literal” where a very clear and cold blue is spread over the entire eyelid, to the most imaginative: here the “ice” effect is obtained with layered and shaded products that reflect the silvery reflections of the snow and ice itself. Don’t worry if you don’t like too flashy eye make-up, because you can embrace the trend of Ice Blue Make-Up 2021 2022 even with graphic eyeliner or color tips applied in pencil.

Let’s not delay any further though: come with me below to find out everything about Ice Blue eye makeup for winter 2021 2022, including some tips to make it better so that it is super intense and long-lasting.


We had already understood that shimmer and bright makeup was a winter trend, for example from the trend that sees glitter lipsticks as protagonists. The eyes are now added to the sparkling lips, delicately glowy with a touch of ice blue.

As we will see, however, the goal of the Ice Blue Make-Up is to make us shine as if we were in the kingdom of ice. Therefore, the darker and more intense shades of blue are basically banned, while the icy effect is obtained with a double technique.

We can decide to apply an ice blue color on the mobile eyelid or play with the pearlescent and luminous reflections of topcoats and shimmer eyeshadows, even if not exactly very light or almost white.

The beauty of Ice Blue Make-Up is that it can therefore be adapted to different complexions and undertones: yes to very light shades for diaphanous skin, starting with topcoat on intermediate blues for medium and dark complexions.


You know, colored smokey eyes is an eye makeup that is very popular, especially when we want to be a little daring! Not everyone, however, always feels in the mood for such lively make-up, but don’t worry: if you want to embrace the trend of Ice Blue Make-Up, there are alternatives such as a line of graphic eyeliner.

Obviously, it all depends on the shape of your eye. Basically, using the colored pencil to create the tail and emphasize the area under the eye is always a good idea, but then go and intensify the look with dark blue and black near the rim of the lashes.

The important thing is to use an icy shade on the mobile eyelid and inside the eye.

The Ice Blue Make-Up, then, since it is a winter 2021 2022 eye make-up trend, goes perfectly with other glittering make-up in shades of platinum and gold: you can follow the Cut Crease Make-Up trend by going to apply the ice blue eyeshadow only in the crease of the eye. Don’t forget a sparkly topcoat though!

For evening looks, however, my advice is to take advantage of the blue pearlescence of the Ice Blue make-up for a pop of color within the lower rhyme or instead of the classic “light point”. Obviously, here too the imperative is to shine, so don’t forget highlighter or glitter.

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