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“Keg like a bolt”: How to solve the problem with the click-on clutch LADA GRANTA – BLOGGER

Autoblogger tells us how to solve common problems on the LADA Granta, where the clutch pedal starts clicking on it and clicks on it.
According to the driver, click on the first pedal and you hear a click, then – there is a metal click, “like a bucket of bolts.” There are many techniques for solving problems in the network, but most of them involve replacing some components that may significantly affect the budget or time-consuming lubrication processes and designing clutch cables with special liquids. In the case where the head angle is a short-time quick fix, you can use a regular toothpick.
The veneer should be placed between the plastic and metal casing of the clutch mechanism. Bloggers recommend using bamboo toothpicks because it is more elastic and strong. The design of this homemade “technical know-how” must not be changed. The driver guarantees that after this simple action, bad clicks will stop: “Click I disappeared, never come back!”.

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