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Purchase These Trendy Winter Hats

With the arrival of cold and winter, women’s hats are an excellent solution to protect yourself from the cold without sacrificing style: we discover many ideas for wearing hats in winter, in particular the trendiest models of the season, such as hats by wool, the beret, the sailor cap, and the wide-brimmed hat.

With the arrival of cold weather, women’s hats can become the ideal accessory to give an original and glamorous touch to your outfit. Winter women’s hats, which have come back very much in vogue especially in recent years, are very useful not only to protect oneself from bad weather such as wind and rain and from cold temperatures but also to enhance and define looks for all occasions.

There are so many models and materials to choose from: starting from the classic and very warm wool hats or caps, passing through the wide-brimmed hats, used very often by the stars, up to the beret and the sailor cap. Many women feel a little reluctant to use the hat, fearing they will be too showy: in reality, with the right combinations, it is really easy to create refined outfits in line with the latest trends. In fact, just take a quick look at social networks like Instagram or Pinterest to realize how trendy women’s winter hats can be!

In this post we will reveal many ideas to wear the hat in winter, revealing the coolest models of the season and how to best match them. Is the topic for you? Then let’s get started with the post right away!


Before starting to find out which are the trendiest and most popular women’s hat models of the season, it is good to start from the basics. The first tip is to use winter hats, in wool or synthetic fabric, like any accessory designed to enhance your looks, such as a bag, a pair of glasses, or a jewel.

Another interesting point worth dwelling on is the bon ton of the hat: what does the label say about it? Is it possible to keep the hat even indoors? Yes, girls, at least as far as women are concerned! If for men it is advisable to always remove the hat in closed places, for women the same rule does not apply and the bon ton allows it. So don’t worry if, when you arrive in a closed place like a shop or a bar, you don’t know whether to take off your hat or not because you fear that the hair underneath is a disaster: just keep it, the label is on your side!


Finally, it is very important to choose a winter women’s hat of the right size: excessively wide hats, which cover the face, but also small ones that rest only on the top of the head, are to be avoided because they are decidedly uncomfortable and not very fashionable. Measuring your head to choose the ideal hat size is very simple: with a tape measure, measure the circumference of your head about one centimeter above your ear and that’s it.


The classic women’s wool caps never go out of fashion and, indeed, are very useful accessories to protect yourself from the cold and winter weather. In recent years, fashion brands, both haute couture and low cost, have begun to embellish woolen caps with pom-poms or with bright details such as studs, beads, sequins, light points, and so on.

Even the colors of women’s wool caps are increasingly varied and original: in addition to the typical winter shades such as black, blue, gray, beige, and cream white, it is possible to opt for bright shades such as fuchsia, orange, blue, yellow and lots of patterns such as animal prints, also trendy for winter 2021.

Depending on the type of cap you choose to wear, you can create outfits with a sporty or casual-chic style. With basic caps, perhaps in technical material, we advise you to focus on a sporty and comfortable outfit, for example with a pair of soft joggers and a colored anti-cold down jacket!

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