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Rodrigo Alves changed himself in Jessica wearing a corset and high heels

Rodrigo Alves changed himself in Jessica wearing a corset and high heels during a theatre performance in Berlin… just after a day of arrest
He spoke frankly about his views on sex and “should not force people to identify a particular gender.”

So Rodrigo Alves is known for his famous nickname, Human Ken Doll, and took part in the lively event at Friedrichstadt in Berlin on Thursday – In a big show, she chose Jessica as a woman to change herself.

The 35-year-old plastic surgeon wore a striking scarlet dress and a bodice, which left a deep impression on the occasion.
This midi dress is cleverly decorated with a scarlet flower pattern and falls below the knees, revealing a pair of patent leather heel.
Jessica adds charm, shaking a pair of dazzling chandeliers and a small black clutch.

Speaking of the concept of gender identity, Rodrigo previously told MailOnline: “People’s physical gender defines the society’s expectations of dress and behavior, and what they should be interested in.
“When I was a boy, my grandfather who had passed away used to buy me a Barbie doll. I used to wear grandma’s underwear and dresses. I shouldn’t force people to identify a specific gender.

He added: “They should be able to express themselves in a way that rejects labels and gender stereotypes. I am a supporter of gender equality and a new trend in gender mobility – I think I am a gender-moving person.

“I make cosmetics and corsets for women, but I want to change this and bring new trends to men. The corsets in suit jackets look elegant and help one’s posture.
At the same time, Rodrigo’s time in Berlin began to get tough, when he was arrested when asked if he could not provide a valid passport to the police.

He told MailOnline: “I was filming a TV show for the PRO7 German TV network. During the filming, the police intercepted the crew and they asked to check our ID card.

“They want to know that we got the approval of the local consul in Berlin and can shoot on the street.

“All the documents I took were very good, but I was arrested because I accidentally took my expired passport instead of my new passport.

“The police can’t face the ID card because I look very different from the photo now. Someone has to scan my new passport to let me be released.

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