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Sophie Turner reveals her props from the game of power.

What props did Sophie Turner retain in the Game of Thrones? A sword? A piece of clothing? A necklace? Lemon cake? Do not.

On Saturday, Sansa Stark actress told the New York Animation Festival attendees that her character wore a corset.

In a panel discussion hosted by EW’s Tim Stack, Turner also revealed that her costars Kit Harington (Jon Snow) and Maise Williams (Arya Stark) both got the sword (enough). Previously, Williams said she was able to keep her role in the brown jacket.

GoT props and clothing are of high value and will be used mostly for roving exhibitions and museums – such as HBO’s own upcoming tour.

As for the last season’s teasing, Turner said that Sansa – she occupied the fortress in Winterfell’s Stark ancestral home – this season really entered her own. She is a little lost, but this season she is very confident and knows what she wants. “

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