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Christina Aguilera returns to the leather corset stage after cancelling the concert due to illness

She canceled a performance last week because of her constant voice.

But Christina Aguilera performed very well on Monday night when she returned to the Liberation Tour stage in Oakland, California.

The 37-year-old performed a variety of different costumes and she performed her biggest hit song.
At first glance, Christina used her black and red tight-fitting tights with a one-piece leather jacket to show off her enviable hourglass physique.
She paired her stockings and connected pants into her blouse to match this stunning look.

Genie In A Bottle’s sleeve reads her name ‘Xtina’ while the other side is ‘2018’.
Christina’s short gold-locked buckle is rendered moist and has a middle separation.

Her makeup is bright, with a super blushing cheekbones and striking red lips.

Another orchestra saw the Grammy-winning producers choose an incredible padded kimono.
The blue quilted kimono style hides her enviable physique and is worn in a red dress.

People saw Christina shine in the game, and in her last dress was a flower princess.

It’s an off-the-shoulder ruffle trim that tightens the waist before pleating.
Christina’s performance was that after she visited social media last week, she found that she had to cancel some programs because she lost her voice.

“Ah,” the fighter singer began. “I can hardly say that I have been doing my best to speed up recovery, and I am too close, but according to my doctor’s advice, I can’t perform in Detroit tonight.

She began to convey the message with two crying emojis, and then continued to explain in a series of tweets that she was frustrated with the performance of the fans.
“I like this show very much and perform for everyone all night, so it makes me have to stop,” she continued.

“But I believe I will come back to make them stronger and better than ever…”

She added: “I should provide 100% of each show for my fighters. You said I think it is worth waiting.

Then signed the last tweet, ‘Love, Xtina. ‘

Christina was also forced to cancel her performance in Orillia, Ontario earlier this month.

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