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Sunscreen Products Suitable for Summer

Protecting the skin from sunlight is a healthy and fundamental habit. We hear it repeated often, everywhere, from the Caribbean to the Antilles, from the north pole to Tierra del Fuego. Radio, TV, web, social media, magazines, when the summer is coming, all the various information channels dispense advice aimed at empowering us and making us more and more aware. Dermatologists above all emphasize the importance of good sun protection, urging us not only to expose ourselves to the sun with caution but also to adopt effective strategies to avoid the risk of causing damage to the skin.

Skin protection is the foundation of skin care and UV rays are one of the most dangerous threats. That’s why a quality sunscreen should never be missing from the beauty case. How to choose it? By consulting our selection of the 10 best sun creams.


One of Collistar’s most popular sunscreens, Moisturizing Reconstructing After Sun Balm regenerates, repairs and soothes the skin from the stress it is subjected to when exposed to UV rays. It restores the correct water balance in the skin, leaving it supple and soft to the touch.

Sun Beauty Tan Deepener Tinted Jelly is Lancaster’s sunscreen that helps to obtain a luminous tan, protecting the skin thanks to a complex of moisturizing agents that support the skin in maintaining its tone. Protects from UVA, UVB and infrared rays, the ideal use is in combination with medium sun protection.

If, on the other hand, the goal is to protect the skin from the sun and minimize imperfections, the one to choose from among the best sun creams is Collistar Anti-Wrinkle After Sun Face Treatment. It is the sun with a regenerating effect developed by the Italian brand to stimulate the skin’s self-repair processes and protect cellular DNA.

Also signed by Collistar Shower-Shampoo After Sun Moisturizing Restorative. It cleanses body and hair, with a formula rich in natural ingredients. Prevents skin peeling and increases the duration of the tan.


So far, we have seen products whose main purpose is to protect the skin from the risks associated with sun exposure. Let’s now move on to sunscreens that combine this precious function with a tanning action.

Also in this case, Collistar’s proposals are at the center of the scene. Ultra-High Protection Tanning Cream – SPF30 ensures optimal shielding from the sun’s rays and is an excellent ally for obtaining a golden and luminous complexion. Also suitable for those who have difficulty getting tanned, it contains the Unipertan super-tanning complex, as well as vitamin E, shea butter and almond oil.

Concentrated Super Tanning Ointment No Filter SPF0 Collistar is the ideal choice for those looking for a tanning cream without filters. It helps to achieve an intense tan within a few days, leaving the skin soft and smooth as silk.

The formulation with beeswax, essential oils and vitamins guarantees a high emollient, moisturizing effect and an anti-aging action.

Collistar Super-Tanning Moisturizing Dry Oil SPF6 is the perfect combination of rapid tanning and skin hydration. Extremely practical, this oil is light, non-greasy and has a fast absorption. Arval, on the other hand, offers Full times Intensive Tanning SPF6, characterized by a rich texture that helps keep the skin toned and hydrated.

Looking for self-tanners? In this case, one of the best sun creams is Collistar Ultra Self-Tanning Concentrated Magic Drops, the serum with the exclusive DHA Rapid self-tanning molecule. In less than an hour, it gives you an intense tan, like after a day under an umbrella.

Finally, Collistar 360-degree Self-Tanning Spray is ideal for those who do not want to give up a tan even in the coldest months. The practical vaporizer facilitates application on the whole body, including the most difficult to reach areas, such as the back.

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