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The Best Little White Dress For Every Body Type This Summer

Meta Description: Just as a little black dress should be a staple in any woman’s closet, the same can be said for a little white dress. Especially when Summer Season is on its way to you! Here’s how you can choose the best little white dress today.

1. Pear-Shaped Goodness

Women who have this juicy body type should opt for above-the-knee numbers. You’ve got curves ‘round your hips so flaunt them like cray! The misstep is that girls tend to think that if they’re bottom-heavy, they should cover themselves up completely. That’s absolutely not the case!

You can show off some skin if you want to. Although, as a suggestion, it would be best to avoid dresses with low waistlines as these will make your legs appear shorter and stockier. Plus, they won’t do anything for your bum. *Wink. Thus, you’ll find that A-line is a great BFF. Add straight cuts to this, too.

2. The Apple Of Your Eye

For this apple body shape, one will notice that weight is gained and stored around the midsection, right above the hips. Thus, contrary to our tip above for the pear-shaped to avoid low waistlines, the opposite should be followed here.

A high-waist dress, even empire cuts will work wonders in pulling your silhouette down and softening the beltline. Wear a frock with a bottom helm that drops 2-3 inches about your knees to emphasize your awesome legs.

3. Le Petite, Le Petite

If you’re someone who has a petite frame and is wondering how you can make a summer dress work on you without it looking like merely draped curtains, then fitting will be essential. Going back to what we’ve said about curtain drapes, loose fits will look perfect on your petite body. Only, don’t go overboard!

For a bit of vava-voom on your upper torso, if you know what we mean, choose a medium-waist number. That, and a round neck. After all, you’re Queen petite so rule over this type of dress. Additionally, a full skirt, paneled, or box pleated, are going to create an outline of a luscious bum.

4. What Time Is It? Hourglass Time

You’re the embodiment of the number 8, girl! If you want to go bandage dress all the way, do it. On the other hand, if you feel like it’s too warm a day to be wrapped up in stretch-tight fabrics, then try a different approach.

How about a below-the-knee dress with a beltline that’s either a sheath or a high-waist? Something flowy because to make your hourglass shape stand out even when you’re not wearing a body-hugging piece. They’re great go-to’s that are uber comfy to put on and have on in spite of the raging summer heat.

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