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Wedding Dress Tail Style Matching

A wedding dress is a must-have choice for every girl to get married. She dreams of entering the marriage hall with her beloved prince. The white tail wedding dress is like a fairy going down. So now I will recommend some good-looking wedding dresses and share with you the experience and experience of choosing tail wedding dresses.

First of all I’d like to introduce what is a trailing wedding dress.

The tail type is divided into big tail and small tail. As the name suggests, there is a section behind the wedding dress that is dragged on the ground. The small tail is within 40 cm, the middle tail is between 40-80 cm, and the big tail is above 80 cm (the length of the clothes off the ground). Tailored wedding dresses are more suitable for churches and other places where traditions are taught, and look more formal and sacred.

Fashion diamond style

Fashionable diamond-style wedding dresses are more suitable for high-end luxury indoor wedding hotels. With brilliant lighting effects, they perfectly show a dazzling bride. That gorgeous wedding dress that belongs only to you will look exceptionally noble and gorgeous.

Sweet flower style

Sweet flower style wedding dresses are more suitable for petite young girls with sweet skin and snowy skin. With this style of wedding dresses, they are sweet and yet noble. After the bride wears it, it is full of soft beauty and lightness, like an angel falling into the world.

Luxury pure lace white yarn

The luxurious pure lace wedding dress adopts a minimalist and easy design, and the long tail is full of luxury. It is suitable for the more docile, gentle and elegant, and slightly mature brides. It is recommended for brides between 26 and 30 to try. This style of the wedding dress can show the bride’s noble and generous lady temperament.

Chiffon Pearl Wedding Dress

Good chiffon is not worse than lace. A simple and white chiffon wedding dress can show the bride’s clean atmosphere, noble and elegant. Although it is not as luxurious as a diamond-encrusted wedding dress, it is noble!

Feather yarn

The large skirt with feather yarn tail is as beautiful as a white swan. It is a happy thing to pair with the princess crystal shoes and step into the palace of marriage with the close prince of my dreams. The whole person is like sitting in the swans, so the feather-style wedding dress is also a good choice.

Close-fitting satin

This wedding dress is very concise. It is tailored to fit the bride’s body curve. It does not require a petticoat. The fabric is also made of silk georgette and crepe with an excellent drooping feeling. Among all wedding dress styles, it is the cut style that best highlights the beauty and modernity of the body.

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