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Why are Simply White Shirts So Popular

A good white shirt is an essential piece to have in your wardrobe and stay in fashion at any occasion or time of year. The classic and traditional model may even be the face of the office look, but it has shown a lot of versatility in productions with a fashionista touch. Proof of this is the reinvention that the brands, co-creating pieces with puffed sleeves, overlays, and ruffles, were the main bets of the stylists. Get inspired by these productions full of personalities!


Straight from the 80s, the darling silhouette among fashionistas is the main bet of major brands to update the white shirt. It’s just that the joker piece of women’s clothing gains more fashion and drama information when combined with the super voluminous shoulders trend. The inspiration for the catwalks is to bet on a monochromatic look or invest in the classic black and white duo – in this case, rocker utility pants work well and help to make the production less “girlie”.


Versatile, the white shirt matches most of the pieces you already have in your closet. That’s why she’s a favorite when it comes to exploring overlays. Whether under a dress, a crop top, or even a denim bib, the model ensures a stylish look with minimal effort. In the runway trends, the piece is accompanied by a black top or tank top during the fashion season, showing that you don’t have to choose between structured sleeves or overlays. In traditional modeling, it appeared under a vest in the same tone and the color point was due to the applications above the main piece.


The more ruffles, the better! And the good news is that the trend proves to be a sure bet for most different occasions: day-to-day, elegant events, and even the office look. For those who prefer a more discreet and less flashy look, the white shirt is the ideal solution. On the catwalks of major brands, they showed that the fashion resource is very elegant and adapts to almost all styles – the options range from super voluminous to the most basic, with romantic details.

Now, if you woke up late for work and don’t even have time to drink coffee properly, the tip is to bet without fear on the combination: jeans and a white shirt. It’s classic, elegant, and never goes out of style. It’s worth matching some accessories too! If you want to be a little daring, it is worth betting on a different tone in the pants or texture that adds style to your production. It can be eco-leather pants, for example, or a shade like marsala. So you will look diva at work and on any occasion.

The white shirt is a versatile fashion item that, at the same time as being classic, can be decorated with a different combination, which is why it is such a popular piece!

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