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Winnie Harlow brings the iconic Queen RuPaul with red lace-up bodice and lively thigh boots for Heidi Klum’s Halloween party

She spent an incredible few years in the modeling industry.

At the 19th Annual Halloween Party in Heidi Klum, New York on Wednesday night, Winnie Harlow wore her RuPaul costume, which looked absolutely sensational.

The 24-year-old Canadian looks the same as the Drag Queen TV. She wears a tight-fitting bodice to show off her sensational figure and fits with the high boots.
Winnie played her role in the sexy ensemble, and she showed her incredible fallout due to her deep plunge.

The corset leans high on her hips, giving way to her stovepipe, which she wears with sexy thigh high PVC red boots.
The former US Next Top Model tamed her crow’s bun with a white gold-colored wig that was over-ridiculed and chic.

When she came to the style in a gorgeous black coat, Winnie secured her attention.
Winnie is now dating rapper Wiz Khalifa, who divorced model Amber Rose.

The cover girl and Khalifa confirmed their romance in August, and Amber gave her a blessing.

“I have seen Winnie on several different occasions. She told the American Weekly that I think she is a king’s sweetheart.
“The way I love my ex-husband… You know, he is my best friend. The strange thing is that he became my brother. It’s like ‘God, I love you very much. I hope you. So happy.

At the same time, Winnie’s bustling schedule, one of the world’s top models, has not stopped. The Toronto-born beauty recently took Instagram to show off her hard training in preparing for the Victoria Secret.

She added a title to this episode: ‘#TRAINLIKEANANGEL means more to me than in the gym.
“When I was in VS for the first year, I wanted to make sure my body was the best. I wanted to make my thoughts correct.

“My goal this year is to keep moisture and read some new books.”

After starting her career in 2014 as the next top model in the United States, TV celebrities will now participate in the mouth-watering Victorian Secret Fashion Show in November.

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