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What are Some Easy-To-Use Setting Powders?

Setting powder is an irreplaceable ingredient in anyone’s makeup routine. It is like icing sugar on the cake: accomplishes the process of making the whole masterpiece delicious and good-looking. The main purpose of the setting powder is to set up the base of your makeup look (foundation and concealer), making it last long without creasing and shining. Of course, setting powders come in all colors and formulas. Some are a bit hard to use, while others glide on effortlessly, and do not require any special makeup skills. Meet and greet our top five easy-to-use setting powders that will help you to finish up your look.


Givenchy Prisme Libre Loose Powder

Feel like your skin can look more matte? Look no further, as the Givenchy Prisme Libre powder is going to mattify and illuminate your complexion. This is truly a unique setting powder, as it combines 4 different shades in one packaging. Two shades — blue and green — for color correction, another two for skin radiance. The finish looks pretty natural, like a second skin.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Mini Loose Setting Powder

If you are a makeup newbie or simply looking for something basic, we suggest you give this Mini Loose Setting Powder a try. Its lightweight, superfine texture will hold your makeup base in place while providing the most natural-looking skin finish. It is especially recommended for those of you, who have oily or acne-prone skin types.


Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder

Laura Mercier’s powders are well-known for their easy-to-apply formula that locks in foundation and concealer without adding any extra texture to the skin. Available in two different sizes — mini and standard, and three different shades: translucent, honey, and deep. The formula promises up to 16 hours of creaseless wear.

Kosas Cloud Set Baked Setting & Smoothing Powder

The motto of this product is actual angel skin! This sounds like something all of us want to try, isn’t it? Unlike the previous three powders in this list, the Cloud Set powder is pressed, so the application process is going to be even more effortless. But, there is more to its formula. It is not just a finely milled powder, but also an active skincare product that will visibly reduce skin oiliness and enlarged pores.


Shiseido Synchro Skin Loose Setting Powder

Sometimes the more is less, and all your makeup look needs is an ultra-fine finishing touch. Synchro Skin Loose Powder will enhance the natural texture of your skin, hold the foundation in place, and prolong the wearability of your makeup. The powder is available in one, a universally flattering shade called Radiant.

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